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Claire Bryant
Claire Bryant

Marketing Coordinator

Free Hawke's Bay Event

Thursday 15 June 2017 | 4pm Havelock North Function Centre, 30 Te Mata Road

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Is your market getting too small or too familiar? Is it time to make the move to something bigger?

If you do what you’ve always done you WON’T get what you’ve always got - technology and industry changes are putting great pressure on business owners. In today’s ever changing market you need to be constantly monitoring your performance and developing new strategies to achieve growth. This seminar will help you understand the shift in your mindset that is needed and the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to do to succeed. We’ll also cover the 7 key areas in your business you can influence to achieve growth and the strategies you can adopt to support this.

Viv Brownrigg our presenter for the evening is a Chartered Accountant with a strong record of business creation and growth. Viv coaches a myriad of successful NZ businesses, from the entertainment industry to high fashion, from fast growing technology companies to manufacturing.

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What you need to know about this year's budget

Most of you will be aware of the latest budget announcement. Below we have outlined the key takeaways from this year's budget, including changes to the tax thresholds and an...

Paying Contractors

You need to follow the following steps when paying contractors:

Law change: Tax and Contractors

If you are a contractor already under schedular payment rules: You must complete the new tax rate notification form (IR330C) when you start any new job on or after 1 April...